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WP-ADMIN "Too many redirects" on Cloudflare enabled wordpress sites

If you are unable to access wp-admin on your newly created wordpress website with too many redirects errors or 429 too many requests error. Following are probably some of the solutions you can look at to fix

  1. Go to your cloudflare and make SSL Mode to Full. This fixed our issue with our wordpress site without any further steps needed. Our existing configuration was set to flexible. Changing that fixed the issue.

  2. If you are able to access wp-admin/index.php but not able to access wp-admin/ then issue could be your server is not able to serve the path with its index page. In this case try adding DirectoryIndex index.php to beginning of your .htaccess file.

  3. If there is an issue with https configuration

if (strpos($_SERVER['HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO'], 'https') !== false)

If none of these helped, it could be something to with your https redirection. Force redirection to https using setting with in your hosting provider. We use cpanel, changed these settings in domains section of CPanel. This was not any reason for our issue. However in some cases this could fix the issue.

Leave a comment if you faced similar issue and how you were able to fix it.

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