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SimpleLMS plugin documentation.


A user has two options for uploading a plugin. You can use any of your convenience:

  • Upload the plugin to the /plugins folder in your nopCommerce directory. And restart your application (or click the Reload list of plugins button).

  • Upload the plugin using the Upload plugin or theme button indicating the path to the location of the archive with the plugin in your local storage

Full tutorial on installing nopCommerce plugin

To configure the plugin

  • Inside the admin panel, go to SimpleLMS -> Settings and enter Vimeo Client Id, Vimeo Secret Id, Vimeo Access Code to enable vimeo video playback for students.

Creating/Editing Courses

Course creation is self explanatory and easy to understand.

  • Got to SimpleLMS -> Courses. Click "Add new" button at the top right. You will be redirected to new course page. In Course Info tab, select "Product" from the dropdownlist, enter "Name" of the course and click "Save". Courses can not be created without selecting corresponding product. Also content can only be created once course is saved.​

  • Once course is created with an associated product, creating sections and lessons follows. From here creating course content is same for creating and editing courses. To edit any course click on edit button from of the course from "Courses" page.

  • Click "Add Section" in Course content tab to open enter name of the Section

  • ​Inside the created section click on add lesson. If "Video" lesson type lesson video id must be entered. For eg if "Video Type" selected is youtube then video id (eg "vVjGH-8EwUQ"), if vimeo is selected then vimeo video id must be entered in to "Video Id from Provider" text box". Entering wrong id will result in errors to the students.

  • Sort Section and Sort Lessons buttons are used for re-arranging the order of sections and lessons respectively.


  • Courses are associated to the products. They do not have separate pricing.

Accessing the course

  • If a course is purchased by a customer that is if the associated product is purchased by the customer, the customer is able to access the course via My Account -> My Courses navigation

Course page

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